Gabriel Ripamonti Personal Trainer Manly NSW

Gabriel Ripamonti Personal Trainer

Sport fanatic, former Basketball and American Football Player; passionate surfer and lover of the outdoors.

Gabriel is a qualified Personal Trainer, Sport Masseur,Yoga Teacher and lifetime student. He loves discovering what pushes him beyond his comfort zone to remain constantly, consistently inspired and challenged.

His knowledge of the human body and passion for functional movement is shown in his varied training methods including: Olympic lifting, kettlebells, boxing, TRX, agility, body weight exercise and yoga.

Whether you are training to get your body Summer ready, improving strength, sport performance, or returning from injury; Gabriel will get you there, creating a more intelligent, functional, balanced, strong and healthy body, with the added benefit of a clear and calm mind.

You’ll learn how to avoid injuries, illnesses and reduce stress levels whilst achieving your goals.

Gabriel loves creating a fun and friendly training environment so that clients enjoy each session no matter how hard it gets.